OISHI Residence

Mr. and Mrs. Oishi first approached us with the desire to renovate their home and build a 2nd story addition.  Their nearly 50 year old home was showing it’s age and on top of that, they wanted to be able to accommodate their son and his family moving in with them.  They scheduled a meeting with Ryan and he met with them at their property.  Here is what their home looked like:











After meeting with the Oishi’s and listening to the plans for the future of their home, Ryan suggested the possibility of tearing down their existing home and re-building a new one.  The Oishi’s wanted their home to look fluid in the end and having a brand new 2nd floor meant renovating the 1st floor and costs were now starting to add up.  After discussing the possibilities, they decided to re-build their home.  After a few meetings, they were able to design a home that met their needs and once permits were approved, the construction began.



The finished product.

The house was completed 7 months from the day of demolition and the Oishi’s were able to move into their home just in time for the holidays.  Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and kids all together under one roof.