Halawa Residence

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for the work that S Tanaka Construction, LLC and its subcontractors performed in the renovation of my home. From my initial meeting with Mr. Tanaka to final project close out, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, sincerity, proactive communication and quality work of the project team.  Your company was recommended to me by a colleague of mine.  He went to Mr. Tanaka to price out a small renovation.  But the referrer never followed through with the project.  However his experience with Mr. Tanaka and his reputation was very positive.  During the fact finding and planning process, Mr. Tanaka designed my renovation project to meet my physical requirements, budget and my personality.  This third element was extremely important.  While he was at my home, I think he was taking mental notes about my personal tastes and interests.  He even took the time to speak with my daughter to learn about her personal goals.  When I was invited to his office to review his sketches, and choose the cabinets, flooring and countertops, Mr. Tanaka was very patient with me.  He understood that some decisions cannot be changed.  So he wanted to be sure I was comfortable with my choices.  He also was honest about the downsides for certain product selections as well.  This was important in helping to make my decisions.  When the project started, Ryan and Nicole were very easy to communicate with.  Whenever there was a problem, they called me right away to advise me and ask for my feedback.  When I had a problem or questions, they were very responsive and quickly resolved any issues I had.  Thank you all for completing this project with very little disruption to my life.