Open House! August 17, 2014

Open House!  Sunday, August 17, 2014, 12pm-5pm

Single Family Dwelling

4 bedrooms, 1 den

3 bathrooms

2500 square feet

With single family homes, there is usually more freedom for unique layouts and features. When coming up with the design for their home, the homeowners already knew they had to build a two-story house in order to achieve the amount of interior square footage they wanted, due to their small lot size. They also knew that they wanted an open feel to the inside space, and accomplished this by incorporating vaulted ceilings, glass railings and several glass doors.

The homeowners had met with four different contractors before deciding on us. Their final decision was made due to attending one of our open houses, and having a chance to see the quality of our workmanship firsthand.

If you are interested in attending this open house on Sunday, Aug. 17 from 12pm to 5pm, please call the office to make an appointment. Here you will have a chance to talk to someone on-site if you have any questions about the building process.

This open house is a private showing. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.


OISHI Residence

Mr. and Mrs. Oishi first approached us with the desire to renovate their home and build a 2nd story addition.  Their nearly 50 year old home was showing it’s age and on top of that, they wanted to be able to accommodate their son and his family moving in with them.  They scheduled a meeting with Ryan and he met with them at their property.  Here is what their home looked like:











After meeting with the Oishi’s and listening to the plans for the future of their home, Ryan suggested the possibility of tearing down their existing home and re-building a new one.  The Oishi’s wanted their home to look fluid in the end and having a brand new 2nd floor meant renovating the 1st floor and costs were now starting to add up.  After discussing the possibilities, they decided to re-build their home.  After a few meetings, they were able to design a home that met their needs and once permits were approved, the construction began.



The finished product.

The house was completed 7 months from the day of demolition and the Oishi’s were able to move into their home just in time for the holidays.  Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and kids all together under one roof.

Open House! April 27, 2014

Open House!  Sunday, April 27, 2014 12pm-5pm

Single Family Home

7 bedrooms

5 1/2 bathrooms

4412 Total Square Footage

The homeowners of this project approached S. Tanaka Construction already knowing they wanted to tear down their existing home and rebuild a new one that would accommodate their new living situation.  After years and years of doing their own home renovation work, they had finally decided that all the time and effort they were putting into trying to maintain their 50 year old home was a never ending and tiresome process.  They also realized the home itself could not accommodate the living situation they were going to be in which consisted of 2 generations of family members trying to live under one roof.

If you are considering building a brand new home, you can schedule an appointment to view this house on Sunday, April 27 from 12-5pm.  Here you’ll be able to meet with someone on site who can answer questions you may have about the building process.

This open house is a private showing.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Office: 848-5010

Open House! February 16, 2014

Open House!  Sunday, February 16, 2014 12pm-5pm

This open house is a private showing.  If you are considering building a brand new home, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Office: 848-5010


Single Family Home

4 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

3010 Total Floor Area

Pearl City New 2 Story Addition

This new 2 story addition boasts 2,100 square feet of new living area consisting of a bedroom, living room, tatami room, storage room and master suite with a Japanese influenced bathroom.  Actually, the entire project is Japanese inspired with the addition of the Tatami room.  Tatami is a type of mat used as flooring in traditional Japanese-styled rooms.  The owners had done their research and had designs ready for all aspects of their renovation.  In the end, their project came out just as they had visualized during the planning phase.  With an on budget and on time project, we hope the owners will now enjoy their new space for years and years to come!


Before Photos 




Exterior Photos